Poetry from Pendulum

A collection of poetry from Pendulum – written by Kylie Harrison

.In danger I play

It may not be all it seems,

As sometimes I fall

Yet I still remember my dreams,

So I get up and I crawl.

Wondering if anyone can hear

Longing for someone to reveal my quest.

Racing heart, anxious with fear

Crying out into the darkness.

Hoping for someone to take the burden away

Maybe it is my thorn

I run and dance, in danger I play

It was placed there before I was born.


Dissociative parts

Like peas in a pod,

we clamber together.

Moods jumping,

dissociate parts flying.

Ever changing

like the weather,

longing for love,

a strong faith dying.

No one to blame

People react to a positive attitude

There is no one to blame.

The key to your prison is waiting for you

As you discover we are the same.

Purity Therapy

I am wearing a white dress,

shimmering with jewels.

I stand near a lake,

Admiring the waterfalls.

I am safe in this garden.

I want to stay.

It is a precious secret refuge,

refreshed from the scars of yesterday.


Paradise in Cairns

Within clear sands and pocket-sized huts

There is murky water and hidden crocs.

A harvest of concealed coconuts

Still life beneath forgotten rocks.

Palm trees sway in the breeze,

Over mossy rocks a waterfall cascades.

I long to stay, I never want to leave

Within this beauty, a problem fades.

Hope will get you through

How can you trust again,

When it feels like everyone is against you?

Some will beat their wounded

Yet that’s not the worst they will do.

Concentrate on what is good,

Focus on things that are true.

Believe in yourself and find hope,

Your friends will get you through.


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