Pendulum Poetry Book

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About Pendulum

Kylie Harrison’s first poetry book is called Pendulum. It was first thought about many years ago and with a lot of work over the past three years Kylie Harrison has put together an eloquent poetry collection. Kylie’s aim is to enhance community awareness and make a positive impact on society. A section in her poetry book is about peer work and this book is a celebration of this rewarding career.

The poetry in Pendulum is honest, hard-hitting and incredibly accurate, as it captures the swings from dark to light, from the everyday to extraordinary. The poems and the poet are intertwined; the rhythms in Pendulum were set when Kylie Harrison was still at school. This book takes the reader on a journey with Kylie, through celebrations of life, love and the natural world, and through challenging times of mental illness and recovery. These rich and emotive poems contain a strong sense of positivity – an appreciation of being alive and of being able to express the depths of human experience. Pendulum is special … it is a life-changing book of poems … “written by Jude Aquilina”

To purchase Pendulum On-line

Cost $   20

The book will be available for sale on Ginninderra by the 29 of September 2014.
Visit the Poetry Sales page on the Ginninderra web site by clicking here

Or simply download an order form for Ginninderra press pendulum flyer (1)


In Adelaide, Ginninderra Press books are available at East Avenue Books, 53 East Avenue, Clarence Park 5034.

In Melbourne, Ginninderra Press poetry books are available at Collected Works, Level 1, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000.

In Hobart, Ginninderra Press books are available at the Hobart Bookshop, Salamanca Place, Hobart 7000.


To contact Ginninderra Press

Stephen Matthews Ginninderra Press PO Box 3461 Port Adelaide 5015
W:  E:

Funded by The Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust




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