About Kylie

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Kylie Harrison is a Community Peer Worker, writer and comedian. Kylie has a passion to educate and bring awareness to the community and attempt to combat stigma. She has had Bipolar Disorder for 21 years and has worked with Life Without Barriers for five and a half years. She also enjoys performing and providing entertainment. Kylie has had poetry published overseas and has a poem published in the “Mindfields” poetry anthology. Kylie’s first poetry book Pendulum is being published in October. She is also working on an autobiography called Catapult that she hopes to get published soon.

Kylie has been doing standup comedy for a few years now with a mental health comedy group called Cracking up. Kylie has been involved in the group cracking up since 2010 and has performed at Mercury cinema and Nexus Cabaret as part of mental health week in 2010 and 2011. Kylie has been involved in Fringe shows in 2011 and 2012. She has also performed her stand up routines at conferences and various mental health events such as the consumer day at TheMHS conference, aswell as at the prestigious Margaret Tobin Awards 2011. A lot of her stand-up comedy has been a part of mental health week over the years. Kylie performed in her own show ‘Psychosis can be a funny thing’, with her stage name Miss Communication on October 12th 2012. Kylie had an audience of about 120 who enjoyed her witty sense of humour. She will be incorporating this into her book launch. Kylie enjoys seeing the lighter side of mental health. She likes to turn negative memories into positives for the community! She feels there is nothing better than to have a good laugh!

Kylie has a background of drama and stage plays in high school and was a lead role in a play about mental illness with the Southern Youth Ensemble in 2002. Kylie performed in a short film that she wrote in 2007 called ‘my brain thinks.’ She is writing the sequel to this which will be shown for the first time at her book launch called ‘my brain still thinks’.

Kylie believes:

We need to work together to build a community where people are listened to, people are respected and valued, people have independence, experience freedom and allowed to discover their own empowerment.”

Kylie has been involved in making films and digital stories since 2007. These creative works can be found on this blog site under short films or as a collection with four stories in the DVD In My own words. This film has been a valuable resource, which Kylie has used as a part of her Community Education Presentations for Life Without Barriers. She has delivered speeches as part of her role with Life Without Barriers to unis, tafes, high schools, police, and other community groups mostly linked to mental health as clinicians, NGO’s, lecturers and students. Kylie has been on radio shows, had articles in the Messenger newspapers and the Adelaide Review. Her personal motto is from her high school at Balaklava and is ‘excel today to challenge the future.’’ She believes that being a successful writer, peer worker and comedian is a step in the right direction.



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