My brain still thinks : short film

My Brain Still Thinks from mindshare on Vimeo.

I wrote and produced ‘My brain still thinks’ as part of the Pendulum book launch at the Mercury cinema in mental health week in October 2014. This film incorporated poetry from published poetry book Pendulum in an exquisite, moving and powerful way. It was my vision to visually enhance the poetry with the showing of a short film that brings the poetry to life. Many people have said they appreciated my short film I produced in 2007 because they get to walk a little while in my shoes and get a unique perspective as someone with the lived experience of mental illness.

The film explores themes such as disassociation within psychosis and mental illness, which I believe not only to be unique but will definitely make you think. The film shows different stages of Bipolar Disorder including therapy and peer work. I would like to acknowledge the beautiful actress I got to work with Shaynae Aberle acting as Trinity and the contribution from her mother Jodie Aberle. It was a delight to work with them on the project.

The film maker Matt Gray and film editor Lachlan Coles worked in collaboration with me to produce this film. I think the three of us worked together as a great team and I will definitely be looking to do more projects with them into the future. They put in lots of time on the project and I am very happy with the result as I hope you will be. The funding came from Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability grant who funded both the making of the film and book launch. This film shows yet another part of the journey of the poetry from Pendulum.


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