Kylie’s film BRENTWOOD

This film was made as part of my comedy show that I performed last mental health week in 2012! My show was called “Psychosis can be a funny thing!” where I appeared as Miss Communication with my tongue in cheek perspective of life on the other side of the hospital ward, that of the patients and of those living with a severe mental illness in our society. I seek to create change and reduce stigma though laughter.

I received funding from the Richard Lewellyn Art and Disability grant to produce it whilst performing in my one woman show and I worked on it with mentor/comedian Jo Coventry and filmmaker Lachlan Coles.

This particular story came from something a nurse used to say to me while I was a patient at Brentwood “This is not a hotel!” I thought it was funny at the time and still do! And this story is a comic way of looking at my experience in the closed ward, is just comedy, not a serious documentary.


2 thoughts on “Kylie’s film BRENTWOOD

  1. Forgot to add, as a previous valued guest I agree!! Only I was so “thrilled” with my experience, I couldn’t go near the place for over a year afterwards due to PTSD.

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