Psychosis can be a funny thing!

featuring the comedy of Miss Communication

a part of Mental Health Week

My name is Kylie Harrison and I am a community peer worker with Life Without Barriers. I am also a freelance writer and am currently working on a poetry book and an autobiography about my experiences with mental health. I also enjoy making films and digital stories. You can find these at .

I have found that most people who experience mental illness have a creative spirit.

It’s that time again. Mental health week is not far away. This time I am doing my own standup comedy show on the 12th October at the Mercury cinema. I have performed with a mental health comedy group called ‘Cracking up’ for two years. I was fortunate to be able to perform at a number of conferences, including the consumer day at the TheMHS conference last year and also at the Margaret Tobin Awards. I have received very positive feedback and the most memorable was from Minister John Hill at the Margaret Tobin Awards. I hope that he will consider coming to my performance this year.

The show will only be a gold coin donation, as I want those on a low income to be able to come along. Many people are affected with mental illness and everyone likes a good laugh.

My show ‘Psychosis can be a funny thing’ featuring Miss Communication is sure to make you laugh, even if you are only laughing on the inside! My comedy show is funded by Arts SA with the Richard Llewellyn Art and Disability Trust, with the support of MHCSA and mentorship with comedian Jo Coventry.

I am really excited about the comedy show and I hope you are too! Mental health week is a time to bring awareness, reduce stigma and promote community mental health services so people know what services are available and that treatment is possible and support is out there.

I invite all of you, your colleagues, consumers, family and friends to come along to have a laugh and celebrate a positive attitude toward mental illness.

Date: Friday 12 October

Time: 7pm (show duration 1 hour)

Location: at the Mercury Cinemas, 13 Morphett Street Adelaide

Cost: gold coin donation at the door

Proudly funded by The Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust

with support from the Mental Health Coalition of SA, mindshare and LIfe without Barriers


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